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This Memorial Fund will aid young individuals in the pursuit of higher education as well as help maintain up to date facilities and equipment while providing scholarships, educational materials and supplies, etc. Assistance will be provided to all in need.

Family - Careers

The family’s proud tradition based on EDUCATION and the pursuit of knowledge resulted in productive careers for all the Horton Family Members.

Terry Horton – Terry’s Trucking Service / Entrepreneur

Sherman Horton – U.S. Military

Elenore Horton – Counselor Oral Roberts Seminary

Lyle Horton – Federal Government / CIA

Nancy Butts – Federal Government / Fanny Mae

Edie Ball – U.S. Navy / Surgical Nurse

Steve Carl Horton – Fed Express

Larry Horton – U.S. Army / Command Sergeants Major

Elizabeth Hickman – Administrative Assit. / State of California

Caroline Watts – IBM

Sharon Horton – Author / He Lives, A Living Testimony / Entrepreneur

Norma Horton – High Point Police Dept.

Phillip Horton – NBA / NASCAR / Entrepreneur

Crystal Horton – Daycare Entrepreneur

Steven Horton (Nephew) – Supervisor / Tyson Foods

Carl and Ellen Horton, parents of team Horton Foundation CEO Phil Horton laid the foundation for not only Phil but for 13 other siblings dating back to the early 1940’s. Carl Horton was born in Caldwell County in 1911 in what is now known as the Laytown Community of Caldwell County, NC. While growing up in Lenoir he learned early that hard work and perseverance would be the best way to success, and he never wavered from that believe as he got older. In a period where Black men struggled against the oppression’s of the time, Mr. Carl (as he was affectionately known) retired from Broyhill Furniture Factory as a shop foreman after 38 years, This leadership role led him to excel in the entrepreneur sector as he either owned or managed several neighborhood convenience stores, upholstery shop, coal yard, and a Gulf Service Station owned by his oldest son, Terry. A leader in the Freedman Community of Lenoir Mr. Carl was a Deacon in the Smith Memorial A.M.E. Church for over 30 years.

Ellen C. Horton was born in 1917 in the Freedman Community of Lenoir. She was simply known as ‘Muh’ to her kids, and Mrs. Ellen to everyone else. She was a proud member of the large Foster Family in the Community, and was already use to a large families while growing up. Mrs. Ellen married Mr. Carl in 1937.They bore 14 children in the same Community; and the same house for over 43 years. Mrs. Ellen worked in the Broyhill Furniture Factory off and on for over 10 years; and in domestic work for prominent families. During this time Mrs. Ellen and Mr. Carl raised 8 girls and 6 boys in groups of seven over those same years. Both completed high school, but like many of that era immediately went about the task of working and raising a family. Their philosophy on raising their children was “education” and this was “paramount” to everything that went on in their home.

Their efforts paid off as all the children either attended college or trade school; as well as severed honorable stints in the U.S. Military. The list of schools is long and includes HBCU’s and Trade Schools. Several schools such as: Wake Forest, NC A&T, NCCU, Appalachian State, Liberty University, Strayar University and the U.S. Army Sergeant Major Academy just to name a few.

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